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Tene Organic Sports & Cultural Club

Member Benefits

Elevate your experience with Tene Eco Club membership, offering complimentary family stays, diverse dining, exclusive event access, and more, surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Certified Farms

Indulge in the assurance of authenticity with our certified organic farms, ensuring the purest and healthiest produce.

Vegetables & Fruits Supply

We take pride as the largest suppliers of organic vegetables and mangoes, delivering nature’s goodness directly to your plate.

Organic Eco Resort Offers Membership

Experience the epitome of sustainable luxury as a premium organic eco resort extends its exclusive membership to you.

Enjoy Nature's Best Elegance

Experience the incredible beauty of nature at its best, a peaceful retreat that refreshes and renews.

Organic Food

Savor the goodness of nature with our exquisite range of organic culinary delights.

Mesmerizing Events

Experience a series of enchanting and captivating events that will leave you spellbound at Tene Eco Stay.

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Family Olympics

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